What is chiropractic treatment?

Chiropractic is the treatment of musculoskeletal injury and dysfunction without the use of drugs or surgery. This is performed with use of chiropractic adjustments. An adjustment is a gentle, specific thrust delivered by hand. The purpose of the adjustment is to correct your spinal misalignments, allowing the joint to function properly, remove any pressure on the nerves, and allow correct function and proper healing of surrounding muscles and ligaments.

Does it hurt to get adjusted?

No. Chiropractic adjustments feel great. I am confident that once you begin receiving your adjustments, you will begin to look forward to them. They will become one of the highlights of your week. When you allow the vertebrae in your spine to return to their proper position, you will notice much less stress and tension.

Is chiropractic care safe?

Yes. Statistics prove that chiropractic care is one of the safest types of healthcare in the world. You only need to compare the malpractice premiums paid by chiropractors to those paid by medical doctors. Doctors of Chiropractic pay only a small fraction (approx. 1/20) of the price medical doctors pay in malpractice premiums. This year, 250,000 people will die as a result of bad medicine, making this the third leading cause of death in the United States of America (The Journal of The American Medical Association, JAMA; Vol.284, July 26, 2000). Of the millions of people receiving chiropractic adjustments, each year, only a handful will even make a complaint.

Why do my children need chiropractic care?

The birth process is often traumatic and can cause changes to the joints of the spine. The very soft and undeveloped spine of an infant can suffer trauma during delivery. It is estimated that as much as 80 pounds of pulling pressure can be exerted to remove a baby from the birth canal. Then, as children grow up and become more adventurous, the number of injuries to their spines becomes countless. The repeated falls as children learn to walk, as well as the running, jumping, twisting, bumping and falling while they play in the yard or on an athletic field, often cause changes to joints throughout the body. However, children frequently do not show any signs or symptoms until later on in life. Chiropractic care offers your child a more balanced and responsive body, and can increase overall performance as she/he passes through their windows of development. Chiropractic can minimize the risk of future health challenges for your children.

What causes the sound made during a chiropractic adjustment?

That sound is not your spine “cracking” or “popping”, as most people think. That sound is created by gas (in this case, nitrogen) rushing in to fill the partial vacuum created when the joints are slightly separated. Another example of this phenomenon would be the “pop” sound you hear when the cork is taken out of a champagne bottle. Not all chiropractic adjustments produce these sounds.

Is it bad to “crack” your back or neck a lot?

This question is frequently asked because people associate the “cracking” or “popping” of one’s back or neck with a chiropractic adjustment. The two are not the same thing. If a person has a desire to “crack” his/her neck or back, it is often because one area of their spine is fixated or jammed, causing another area to move too much and “pop,” sometimes by itself. It’s the fixated or jammed area that needs to be properly adjusted by a chiropractor so that the other parts of the spine will not be hypermobile and noisy. When you “crack” your back, you may be relieving the tension for a little while. Do you notice how it keeps coming back? That is because you are not giving yourself a specific chiropractic adjustment. The cause of the spinal tension, the fixated or jammed vertebrae, has not been corrected. A person who makes a habit out of “cracking” or “popping” their back or neck should go to a Doctor of Chiropractic to have their spine checked. Even a chiropractor cannot adjust him/herself.

Once you see a chiropractor, do you have to go for the rest of your life?

No. The extent to which you choose to benefit from your chiropractic care is ultimately up to you. Each of us is solely responsible for the quality of our health and well-being. However, we do strongly urge all patients to consider lifetime, wellness chiropractic care. This is where the long-term, lasting benefits of care are enjoyed. Regular exercise and healthy eating habits are a lifestyle decision and so is lifetime, wellness chiropractic care.

Should I continue chiropractic care if I don’t have any symptoms and I feel better?

Yes. Just because your symptoms disappear does not mean your problems are completely corrected. Most of the patients seen in our office have spinal degeneration (decay) which has taken years to develop. The trauma of the birth process, slips, falls, accidents and countless other stresses over the course of your lifetime adversely affect the health of your spine. The longer you wait to have your spine checked by a chiropractor, the longer it will take to make these corrections. However, how you choose to use chiropractic care is ultimately up to you. It has been our experience that those who stop care when they are “feeling fine” return with the same health challenge(s) which brought them to our office in the first place…only it’s usually gotten worse. On the other hand, those patients who commit to long-term chiropractic care will find their health challenges rarely return and they enjoy a higher quality of life & health.

What is a Chiropractic adjustment?

A gentle, specific thrust delivered by hand or instrument. The purpose of the adjustment is to correct your spinal misalignments, allowing the joint to function properly, remove any pressure on the nerves that, and allow correct function of surrounding muscles and ligaments.

I was injured in a Motor Vehicle Crash, but it was the other driver’s fault. Do I need to pay out of pocket for treatment?

In most situations you will not be expected to pay for services when another person is responsible for your injuries. Our staff will work directly with the Insurance carriers involved, so you can focus on treatment, and not how to pay for care.

I was told that my injuries will heal by themselves, but they don’t seem to be healing fast, and I am still having pain in my neck and back! Do I need treatment?

In some cases people will make a full recovery without treatment, but most people will have continued effects from their injuries long after the accident. It is how the injuries heal that the Doctors of Allied Chiropractic are concerned about. Injuries that are not treated can lead to advanced onset of Arthritis and Chronic pain.

I was given some pain medication from my family physician, do need any more treatment?

Medication is helpful in managing the pain and discomfort of a musculo-skeletal condition, however many drugs only stop the pain signal from the injury site to the brain. Our treatment is focused on improving the range of motion and function of the damaged areas, so the injury heals properly and faster.

The driver who rear-ended me did not have Insurance, and I do not have Full Coverage Insurance; Do I have coverage?

Most people have coverage due to an Uninsured or Underinsured clause in their policy, regardless of whether or not they have liability or Full coverage insurance.